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Prof. Dr. Johanna Gollnhofer ist Wirtschaftswissenschaftlerin mit Fokus auf kundemzentrierten Marketing.

In ihrer Forschung beschäftigt sie sich mit KonsumentInnen, Marken und Nachhaltigkeit

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Ausgewähle Publikationen

Fuchs, M., Omlin, C., Naef, S.; Steiner, T.; Schumpf, E. & Gollnhofer, J. F. (2022): Cognitive Biases as Boosters: Using Cognitive Biases to Improve Communication Recall for Emmi Jogurtpur. Marketing Review St. Gallen.

Gollnhofer, J. F. & K. Bhatnagar (2021): Investigating Category Dynamics: An Archival Study Of The German Food Market, in: Organization Studies.

Bucher, J.H., M. Fuchs & J.F. Gollnhofer (2021): Schweizer Konsumentenverhalten und Markenkommunikation in der COVID-19 Pandemie, in: Marketing Review St. Gallen.

Gollnhofer, J.F, H. Weijo & J. W. Schouten (2019): Consumer Movements and Value Regimes: Fighting Food Waste in Germany by Building Alternative Object Pathways, in: Journal of Consumer Research.

Ottlewski, L. & J. F. Gollnhofer (2019): Private and Public Sector Platforms – Characteristics and Differences, in: Marketing Review St. Gallen.

Gallen A., J. McColl-Kennedy,  T. Barakshina, B. Figueirdo, J. GoJefferies, J. F. Gollnhofer et al. (2019): Transforming Community Well-Being Through Patients’ Lived Experiences, in: Journal of Business Research.

Gollnhofer, J. F. & A. Kuruoglu (2018): Grassroots Responzibilization and Makeshift Markets, in: Consumption, Markets and Culture.

Gollnhofer, J. F. & S. Schüller (2018): Sensing the Vocal Age: Managing Voice Touchpoints on Alexa, in: Marketing Review St. Gallen.

Gollnhofer, J. F. (2017): The Legitimation of a Sustainable Practice through Dialectical Adaptation in the Marketplace, in: Journal of Public Policy & Marketing.

Gollnhofer, J. F. (2017): Normalizing Alternative Practices: The Recovery, Distribution and Consumption of Food Waste, in: Journal of Marketing Management.

Gollnhofer, J. F. & J. W. Schouten (2017): Complementing the Dominant Social Paradigm with Sustainability, in: Journal of Macromarketing.

Otnes C., Mirabito A., et al., Gollnhofer J. F. et al. (2016): The Stigma Turbine: A Theoretical Framework for Conceptualizing and Contextualizing Marketplace Stigma, in: Journal of Public Policy & Marketing.

Gollnhofer, J. F., K. Hellwig & F. Morhart (2016): Fair is Good but What is Fair? Negotiations of Distributive Justice in an Emerging Non-Monetary Sharing Model, in: Journal of the Association for Consumer Research.

Gollnhofer, J. F. & E. Turkina (2015): Distance and Entry Modes – Implications for Global Strategy Cultural, in: Cross Cultural Management: An International Journal, 22(5), pp. 21-41.

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